End ignorance about fish products in the UK

Improve labelling of fish and fish products – e-petition Currently in the UK, labels for fish products like fish pies or fish fingers don’t have to tell you anything about where and how the fish was caught, or even what kind of fish they contain.  This makes it extremely hard to make good decisions for […]

Western Australia’s ill-advised shark cull

A month ago today, the first shark was killed in Western Australia as part of the government’s new culling program, set to continue until the end of April.  The government’s stance was prompted by the eleven fatal shark attacks off Western Australia since 2000. Drum lines have been placed a kilometre offshore from popular beaches; baited […]

The Good Fish Guide app

There are many different kinds of fish available in restaurants, supermarkets and fishmongers.  Naturally, it’s very hard to keep track of which species and fishing grounds are sustainable, and which are not.  Fortunately the UK’s Marine Conservation Society have a smartphone app that quickly lets you know which fish or shellfish are safe choices. The list […]

Welcome to BlueSoul.org

Welcome to BlueSoul.org.  Our seas and oceans are incredible places.  I grew up watching documentaries of Jacques-Yves Cousteau roaming the world in the Calypso and diving through magical, pristine underwater landscapes swarming with every kind of life – colourful, frightening, comical, playful, fast, slow, large and small. I never tried Cousteau’s scuba diving, but snorkelling in […]